PlasterCast™ GRG Column Covers

PlasterCast™ GRG Column Covers

Our extensive selection of PlasterCast™ GRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum) column covers provides you with an economical and durable interior column cover in a completely non-combustible column cover material to enhance the beauty and elegance of your commercial interior designs.

Our GRG columns covers are available in tapered classical and non-tapered contemporary column cover designs, or we can create your own custom designed GRG column covers at extremely affordable prices. PlasterCast™ GRG column covers are available in round or square shaft styles with tapered or non-tapered shafts in diameters from 12” to 60” and in heights from 4’ to 40’.

Our GRG column covers are non-load bearing, and are designed for quick and simple installation using standard drywall materials. Our fiberglass reinforced gypsum composite is also much more durable than standard drywall. Your GRG column covers can also be provided with smooth or textured surfaces for field application of a paint finish to enhance your design.

For complete coordination of your design elements we can also provide, in addition to GRG column covers: ceiling domes, light coves, mouldings, niches and vaults. Whether your design calls for flowing contemporary contours or crisply detailed classical elements, PlasterCast™ GRG column covers are the ideal and economical column covers for your interior design.

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