Melton Classics offers the industry's largest selection of affordably priced column covers and column wraps in a broad selection of sizes, finishes and designs crafted in the finest low maintenance column cover materials available. You can select from column covers crafted in fiberglass, poly/marble fiberglass composite, GFRC, GRG, PVC, and wood. Our column covers have also been engineered to reduce installation labor, and provide simple and easy erection.

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Column Covers & Column Wraps

DuraClassic™ Poly/Marble Composite Fiberglass Columns and Column Covers

These beautiful and affordably priced columns are one of our most popular column products for both commercial and residential projects. DuraClassic Columns are available load bearing or as column covers. They are available in a large selection of classical and contemporary designs in both round and square styles. The entire column, capital, shaft and base, of our DuraClassic Columns are cast from our smooth and durable poly/marble fiberglass composite which has the solid feel of a marble countertop. DuraClassic Columns can be specified fire rated for ASTM E-84-01 Class 1 compliance. DuraClassic Composite Fiberglass Columns are simple to install, are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and will provide you with a lifetime of low maintenance beauty.

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ClassicGlas™ FiberResin Fiberglass Columns and Column Covers

ClassicGlas Columns are economically priced and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They are cast from our durable FiberResin fiberglass composite (FRP), using Class 1 fire rated resins. They are also engineered for reduced weight for ease of handling making them our most popular fiberglass column choice for large diameter columns and two story column applications. They are available in a beautiful selection of classical, contemporary and custom designs with round or square shaft styles. Our customers like our ClassicGlas Columns for their column cover applications due to our simple to install alignment tab installation system and no interior blocking requirements which reduces their installation labor and material expense.

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MeltonCraft™ PVC Square Column Covers

MeltonCraft Columns are our most popular and most economically priced square columns. They are crafted from low maintenance 5/8″ thick PVC and they are designed with an interlocking joint detail for ease of installation. MeltonCraft PVC Columns have the look and feel of wood with none of the drawbacks, and they are simple to install around your structural supports. We offer you a wide array of designs including smooth, raised panel, recessed panel and fluted shaft designs with a beautiful selection of cap and base designs. However, the only limit to what we can create for you is your imagination. MeltonCraft PVC Columns are our most customizable column product line.

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FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Column Covers

Handcrafted FRP Classic fiberglass columns are designed exclusively for column cover applications and are crafted using ASTM E-84-01 Class 1 fire rated resins. These beautiful column covers are available in a broad selection of styles and designs in round tapered, round straight, or square shaft styles. We can also gelcoat your FRP Classic Fiberglass Columns in a broad selection of single color gelcoat colors and supply them with one of 3 joint styles. We also offer over 500 standard FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Cornice profiles for coordination of your fiberglass architectural elements.

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FiberCrete™ GFRC Column Covers (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

Our FiberCrete GFRC columns are available in a wide array of classical and contemporary designs and may be provided paint grade or prefinished to simulate stone. Cast in halves and horizontal lifts from glass fiber reinforced concrete with the feel of masonry, FiberCrete Column Covers are designed to install around structural supports in non-load bearing applications. If you desire a one piece seamless column appearance with superior performance, architects and construction professionals across the country are specifying our DuraClassic™ Poly/Marble Composite Columns as a substitute for GFRC because DuraClassic Column Covers have a solid masonry feel, superior impact resistance, are more simple to install and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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MarbleTex ™Synthetic Stone Columns and Column Covers

These beautiful maintenance free columns are cast from our durable MarbleTex polymer and stone composite and have the feel of stone with reduced weight. The MarbleTex stone composite is integrally pigmented in an array of beautiful colors that are mixed with the polymer stone composite for years of maintenance free beauty. In addition to our vibrant standard colors, we can also custom cast your MarbleTex Columns in your own custom color choice. In addition, our MarbleTex Columns are also offered in either a smooth or fine stone texture. They are also available in a broad selection of classic and contemporary designs in round or square shaft styles, or your own custom design. MarbleTex Columns Synthetic Stone allow you to select the ideal choice of color, texture, and design to enhance the beauty of your building project.

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ClassicWood™ Architectural Wood Columns and Column Covers

Old World craftsmanship is still available with our full line of handcrafted ClassicWood Architectural Wood Columns. Built for exterior or interior applications from your choice of the finest clear woods and glued with state of the art Type 1 waterproof adhesives, our ClassicWood columns are turned by our woodworking artisans in your choice of an essentially limitless selection designs. For exterior applications, we recommend our FJ All Heart Cedar 10 Year Warranty Columns in combination with our durable fiberglass capitals and bases. We offer authentic entasis tapered classical designs in addition to contemporary designs, or your own custom design. For application of stain finishes, we offer a limitless array of fine clear woods crafted in an AWI Custom Grade for quality and beauty.

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PlasterCast ™GRG Column Covers (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum – Interior)

These column covers are designed for interior non-load bearing applications, and are cast from fiberglass reinforced gypsum. PlasterCast columns are economically priced and are simple to install with normal sheetrock installation materials. They are offered in a variety of classical and contemporary designs with tapered and non-tapered shaft designs to add beauty and elegance to your interior design.

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Our large selection of balustrade products are crafted in four low or no maintenance balustrade materials in over 100 elegant designs. Melton Classics balustrades are offered in high density polyurethane, prefinished synthetic stone, cast stone and PVC. All our balustrade systems are crafted in America to ensure the impeccable quality you expect from balustrades by Melton Classics. Our balustrade products are designed for IBC code compliance for the safety of our customers. We offer both radius railings and curved stairways in our balustrade systems for added beauty and curb appeal. For more assistance with selecting the balustrade that best meets your needs, please see our product selection assistance tab on the task bar at the top of this page. From substantial cast stone to durable lightweight polyurethane, to prefinished and reduced weight synthetic stone, Melton Classics has a finely crafted balustrade product and design to enhance the beauty of your building project.

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Fiberglass Cornice

Melton Classics offers you the industry’s largest selection of affordably priced fiberglass cornice designs. Our inventory of over 500 crisply detailed fiberglass cornice designs allows you to select the ideal cornice for your building’s design without expensive custom mold costs. Our FRP Classic™ multi-profile fiberglass cornice products are Class 1 fire rated, low maintenance, light weight and simple to install.

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Exterior Shutters

Melton Classics the industry’s largest selection of high quality exterior shutters. We offer shutters with both operable hardware and fixed shutter options in a wide variety of the finest materials. Our Classic Architectural™ prefinished lifetime warranty polymer composite shutters are the industry standard for quality and design. We also offer our economical Colonial Classic™ prefinished polymer composite exterior shutters in a variety of beautiful designs. Our PolyWood Classic™ shutters provide the feel of wood shutters but without the rot and splitting. We also offer a wide selection of designs in our most economically priced VinylClassic™ vinyl shutters. Melton Classics also offers you the industry’s most extensive selection of beautiful exterior shutter designs, and we can create your own custom design.

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Mouldings and Millwork

Our over one thousand easy to install low maintenance Architectural Urethane™ polyurethane mouldings and millwork products provide you with a extensive selection of moulding profiles and millwork details from which to enhance the beauty of your building project. However, if you don’t see the millwork detail or moulding profile you desire, we can the economically custom manufacture any millwork product you need. Essentially the only limitation to what Melton Classics can create for your project is your imagination.

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FiberLite™ Fiberglass Pergolas & Arbors

FiberLite™ Pergolas and Arbors from Melton Classics are an elegant way to provide shade, and enhance and define your outdoor living and entertainment areas. Whether you desire a classic garden pergola with climbing vines and flowers, or an inviting poolside enclave, FiberLite Pergolas and Arbors provide a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

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